Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Over the past year I have become OBSESSED with podcasts! 
To give my family and friends a break from having to hear about my latest find, I’m challenging myself to post one review a week.  Since it’s almost Halloween, it seemed appropriate to start with something scary, and “LORE” is one creepy cast.  
What initially drew my attention were the title graphics and uniqueness of Aaron Mahnke’s focus. I can't watch previews for horror movies; the fact that I made it through multiple episodes is a testament to the quality of the show.  I listened to about four episodes, and while each one was interesting and truly frightening, it was the episode titled “The Bloody Pit” takes place in the 1860’s, and tells of a series of mysterious and deadly setbacks experienced by a crew of miners (think railroad workers, not children).  
The amount of information and intrigue that Aaron packs into 15 minutes is amazing. He is also an author, which is evident in his style.  Many podcasts use a mix of interviews or multiple hosts, but his tone and the flow of the tale is reminiscent of telling ghost stories around a campfire.  The single voice of the show, in addition to the music help to build suspense for the listener. I wouldn’t recommend this podcast to someone that scares easily, but if you love mystery, the blending of historical events with supernatural suspicions create a very satisfying listen. 
Be warned, they are very haunting.  If you enjoy the podcast, I encourage you to check out Aaron's wedsite